Programme | Master in International Relations

The Master in International Relations consists of four modules divided into the following subjects:

Module I. Contemporary international society

  1. Theory of International Relations and International Law
  2. War and Peace in the contemporary world
  3. International Economics and Financial System
  4. Structure of International Economics and Development Cooperation
  5. Internal Market and Politics of the European Union

Module II. History and Political Systems

  1. History of International Relations
  2. History of European Integration
  3. Comparative Analysis of Political Systems

Module III. Social and cultural aspects

  1. Diplomacy and International Negotiation
  2. The Mass Media and Globalisation
  3. History of Civilizations and Contemporary Philosophy

Module IV. Regional Perspectives

  1. Spanish Foreign Policy
  2. US International Policy
  3. International Relations of Mediterranean and Latin American countries
  4. Asia in today's world