Sport&EU 11th Annual Conference: Call for Posters

The Association for the Study of Sport and the European Union (Sport&EU) invites proposals of research posters to be presented during our 11th Annual Conference in Madrid, 27-28 June 2016

For the first time in the association´s history, we are introducing posters sessions to further support our commitment to the development of PhD students and early career researchers. Sport&EU mission statement clearly recognise our objective to provide a friendly venue for new academics to present their work, so they can obtain valuable feedback and contribute to the continuous development of our area of academic enquiry. 

Thus, we are inviting proposals for poster presentations during our conference. Proposals should be submitted by email to by Tuesday April 5th

In your proposal, please include: 

  1. An abstract of around 350 words. The abstract must clearly state 
    • Your research question(s) and/or objectives 
    • Your methodology 
    • A discussion of your (preliminary) results and its empirical/theoretical relevance
  2. A brief CV explaining your own background and the context of the research you are proposing (is it part of a PhD, part of a wider project, it is the result of your MSc thesis…) 
  3. Whether your poster will be in English or Spanish (see below) 
Proposals need to be drafted and submitted in English. 

Posters can be designed in Spanish, although English is preferred. If you are designing your poster in Spanish, we would recommend you also have a brief handout in English for the conference´s international audience. 

Please refer to the conference call for paper for more information on the Conference´s thematic priorities: 

Posters that address these priorities are encouraged.