Arbitration. “Magazine of Commercial Arbitration and Investment"

Arbitraje. Revista de Arbitraje Comercial y de Inversiones is a quarterly publication of the International Centre for Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation (CIAMEN) that centres on scientific content but also a section of doctrine, another of the practice of arbitration, one of jurisprudence and also one of specialized bibliography in arbitration in Spanish and other languages.

The Revista de Arbitraje Comercial y de Inversiones aims to provide the scientific community and the jurists that are dedicated to arbitration, a complete knowledge on the reality of trade and international and domestic investment arbitration in Spain and abroad.

The review is open to all national and foreigner experts on arbitration.

Directors: Evelio Verdera y Tulles, José Carlos Fernández Rozas and José María Beneyto Pérez-Cerdá
Secretaries: Elena Artuch Iriberri andGonzalo Stampa Casas


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