European Awareness Day - EUROPE: WHAT A PASSION! 

Madrid, 24-25 April, 2017

‘Europe: what a Passion!’ is a lively and innovative recital show narrating the history of European integration since World War Two. It engages spectators in the tale of a little known, yet all-important part of their own story, whose further development weighs heavily on our future and depends ultimately on our conscious or unconscious choices. 

A storyteller, acting mostly as a voice over, links with one another twelve European well-known songs, as if they were twelve milestones in a long, turbulent and vital love story. Songs and texts vary according to the transnational and multilingual approach of this artistic project: different versions of the play target each different audience in the European linguistic and cultural koinè. In all versions, the twelve-phases musical account runs parallel and makes reference to videoprojected slides, where the main steps of European integration are retraced through figurative texts and original graphics. 

The singing path allows the audience to recall specific atmospheres of the last seventy years and brings out Paolo Barillari’s singing and Davide Magnabosco’s piano playing talents - both experienced artists of the Italian musical theatre - throughout a wide range of musical styles: especially Barillari’s enthralling performances greatly contribute to involve the audience, adding to the metaphorical suspense created by the two sides of the narrative and reinforced by acting and choreographic sequences.

After a first performance at the Edinburgh storytelling centre in 2011, the play started to tour European capitals in 2016 in the framework of a Jean Monnet Network Project. A video trailer of the Italian version is available here