Historia de la Integración Europea

Guía docente

Belén Becerril
Subdirectora del Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos y profesora de Derecho de la Unión Europea. Universidad CEU San Pablo


Unit.1. First steps in European integration. The experience of the Council of Europe
Case. The origins of European Integration. W. Churchill, Marshall G. and R. Schuman.
*Topic for teamwork 1: The experience of the Council of Europe. A failure for the European movement... or a big step in the protection of human rights? The role of the Council of Europe from 1949 to 2016.

Unit.2. From the Schuman Plan to the failed European Political Community
Case. Fathers of European Integration: Alcide de Gasperi, Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer.

Unit.3. The Treaties of Rome. Developments in the sixties

Unit.4. Difficult seventies
*Topic for teamwork 2: The UK and European integration from the fifties to our times. Europhiles and Eurosceptics.

Unit.5. The first major revision of the treaties: the Single European Act and the internal market

Unit.6. The second major revision: the Maastricht Treaty

Unit.7. Amsterdam (1993-97) to Nice (1997-2001). The road to the great enlargement
Case. The enlargement to the East. Vaclav Havel and return to Europe.

Unit.8. In search of a Constitution: The Convention, the IGC (2002-3) and the Constitutional Treaty
*Topic for teamwork 3: In favor and against Turkey's accession.

Unit.9. The Treaty of Lisbon
Case. The voting system in the Council.

Unit.10. The institutions of the European Union today
*Topic for teamwork 4: A supranational or an intergovernmental European Union? 
*Topic for teamwork 5: The EU between flexibility and fragmentation. In favor and against enhanced cooperation. 

Unit.11. Final considerations
*Topic for teamwork 6: European integration… challenged? Political parties, public opinion and European integration. 
*Topic for teamwork 7: Explaining integration. How did we get here? A final look at the political theory of European integration.