Las Relaciones Internacionales de los Países del Mediterráneo y América Latina

Guía docente

Laura Tedesco 
Investigadora en FRIDE 

Richard Youngs
Profesor en la Universidad de Warwick en Reino Unido
Investigador principal en Carnegie Europe

Bloque Temático Mediterráneo

T.1. A new Middle East?
T.2. The Middle East’s relations with Europe
T.3. Islam and ‘radicalisation’
T.4. The Syria conflict  
T.5. Egypt: back to the future?
T.6. Libya and the international community
T.7. The Arab-Israeli conflict


1. Will the Middle East be democratic in twenty years time?
2. How would you change Europe’s relations with the Mediterranean?
3. Should the West engage with radical Islamists?
4. Should the West intervene in Syria?
5. Egypt: engage or isolate?
6. Was ‘regime change’ a mistake in Libya?
7. How to solve Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Bloque temático América Latina

1. The 1980s: transitions to democracy, the external debt crisis and what to do with the guilty?
2. The 1990s. The Washington Consensus, neo-liberalism and state reforms
3. The 1990s and beyond. Drifting to the left: political responses to neo-liberalism
4. Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa, Evo Morales and Lula
5. Brazil: rise and fall
6. Mexico in Crisis
7. Peace in Colombia
8. A future for Cuba
9. Democratic challenges: urban violence
10. Latin America in the world
11. Conclusions