The Competition and Regulation Policy Centre is a section of the Royal University Institute for European Studies, specialized in the study of Competition policies and laws. It has an interdisciplinary nature, but it is focused on the fields of Law and Economics.

The Centre is a forum for analysis and debate on:

  • The use of Competition Policy as a tool in society and also in Politics
  • The articulation of Competition in domestic, European and International norms
  • The process of liberalization, privatization and regulation of economic sectors such as telecommunications, energy, transportation, financial services and postal services



  • Participation in joint research projects with other centres or organisations
  • Celebration of Seminars of Experts in Competition Policy
  • Collaboration agreements with public and private institutions, both on the national and international levels, aiming at the celebration of reports and studies related to the design and application of Competition Policy



  • Reinforcing and supporting the subjects related to Competition Policy and Law that are taught in the faculties of CEU San Pablo University
  • Teaching courses and degrees on Introduction to Competition Policy and Laws and advanced courses on the topic as well



  • Celebration of international symposiums, conferences and congresses
  • Publishing of Reports based on the Research Groups results and the Experts Seminars conclusions
  • Within the framework of the working papers of the Royal University Institute for European Studies, there is a series of Working Papers on Competition Policy
  • There is a collection of publications about Competition Policy

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