III.I. Justo Corti: Greening the Common Commercial Policy: the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)


#EUChina Mooc with Justo Corti


III.II. Marina Bisogno: Moving to electrification: EU challenges and opportunities in a global world


#EUChina Mooc with Marina Bisogno


III.III. Jorge Galán and María Pont: Empowering the consumer in the reform of the EU Electricity Market


#EUChina Mooc with Jorge Galán and María Pont


Test final:

Question 1: A decentralized energy system:

  1. Can coexist with the existing centralized system.
  2. Involves the implementation of flexibility solutions such as aggregation, energy storage or the activities that energy communities (renewable and citizen) and active clients can carry out.
  3. Is going to imply major changes in the current electricity market design.
  4. All the answers are correct.

Question 2: Regarding the economic and financial sustainability of the electricity system, which answer is incorrect?

  1. The penetration of distributed energy resources reduces payments to the network provider.
  2. The penetration of distributed energy resources does not reduce existing network and policy costs.
  3. The Renewable Energies Directive recognises the possibility to apply charges and fees to self-generated renewable electricity in any case.
  4. High levels of distributed energy resources have an impact on the rest of consumers.

Question 3: Energy communities and self-consumption:

  1. Are both legal entities and market participants of the internal market for electricity.
  2. Are both activities related to renewable electricity.
  3. The first ones are legal entities and the second one is an activity.
  4. The first one is an activity and the second one is a legal entity.

Question 4: What are some of the most important benefits of transport electrification?

  1. Lower car costs.

  2. Less greenhouse gas emissions, better air quality and energy savings.

  3. Higher transport performance.

  4. More interconnections.

Question 5: Which European act designed an ambitious and holistic roadmap towards a neutral continent?

  1. The Fit for 55%.
  2. The RepowerEU plan.
  3. The European Green Deal.
  4. The Low Emission Mobility Strategy.

Question 6: Could taxation play a role in the electrification of transport?

  1. No, because it has no incentive effect.
  2. Yes, because it could reduce the tax burden on electric vehicles.

  3. I do not know.

  4. Yes it could, but in the future.



Question 1: d

Question 2: c

Question 3: c

Question 4: b

Question 5: c

Question 6: b