Guía docente


Belén Becerril
Subdirectora del Real Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos y profesora de Derecho de la Unión Europea en la Universidad CEU San Pablo.

Pablo Rupérez Pascualena

Diplomático. Asesor en la Dirección General del Español en el Mundo, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación.


Unit.1.  The origins of European integration.  

Case. The origins of European Integration. W. Churchill, Marshall G., R. Schuman and K. Adenauer.  

Unit.2. From the Schuman Plan to the failed European Political Community. The Treaties of Rome. Developments in the sixties and seventies.  

Case. Fathers of European Integration: Alcide de Gasperi, Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer.  

Topic for teamwork 1: The role of Jean Monnet. To what extent did he shape European integration?  

Unit.3. The first major revision of the treaties: The Single European Act and the internal market.  

Topic for teamwork 2: The initial absence of the UK. Brexit, how did we get here?  

Unit.4. The second major revision: The Maastricht Treaty.  

Topic for teamwork 3: The EU between flexibility and fragmentation. Are you in favor or against the mechanism of enhanced cooperation? Should the EU be more or less flexible?

Unit.5. Amsterdam (1993-97) to Nice (1997-2001). Preparing enlargement. Launching the Enhanced Cooperation mechanism.  

Topic for teamwork 4: The EU and its fundamental principles & values. The cases of Poland and Hungary. How have European institutions faced this challenge?  

Case. The enlargement to the East. Vaclav Havel and returning to Europe.  

Unit. 6. In search of a Constitution: The Convention, the IGC (2002-3) & the Constitutional Treaty.  

Topic for teamwork 5: Joining and leaving the EU. What about further enlargement?  

Unit.7. The Treaty of Lisbon.  Case. The voting system in the Council.  

Unit. 8. The institutions of the European Union today.  

Unit 9. The EU, 2022. Part 1.  

Topic for teamwork 6: European integration challenged. Political parties, public opinion and European integration. Is Euroscepticism on the rise?  

Unit 10. The EU, 2022. Part 1.  

Topic for teamwork 7: The challenges ahead. Is Europe still a superpower? Is the EU a global player?