Study Guide

Belén Becerril Atienza
Professor of European Union Law, CEU San Pablo University

Deputy Director of the Royal University Institute of the European Union


Unit.1. Europe after WWII. The Marshall Plan. The Soviet threat, a catalyst for European integration? 
Topic for teamwork 1: The US and European integration. 

Unit 2. The origins of European integration. The Council of Europe 
Case. The origins of European Integration. W. Churchill, Marshall G., R. Schuman and K. Adenauer.

Unit.3. From the Schuman Plan to the failed European Political Community
Case. Fathers of European Integration: Alcide de Gasperi, Robert Schuman and Konrad Adenauer. 
Topic for teamwork 2: The role of Jean Monnet. 

Unit.4. The Treaties of Rome. Developments in the sixties and seventies
Topic for teamwork 3: Was Churchill in favor of European Integration?

Unit 5. The first major revision of the treaties: The Single European Act and the internal market

Unit.6. The second major revision: The Maastricht Treaty

Unit.7. Amsterdam (1993-97) to Nice (1997-2001). Preparing enlargement. Launching the Enhanced Cooperation mechanism 
Case. The enlargement to the East. Vaclav Havel and returning to Europe.
Topic for teamwork 4: The EU between flexibility and fragmentation. In favor and against enhanced cooperation. 

Unit. 8. In search of a Constitution: The Convention, the IGC (2002-3) and the Constitutional Treaty
Topic for teamwork 5: European integration… challenged? Political parties, public opinion and European integration. 

Unit.9. The Treaty of Lisbon
Case. The voting system in the Council.
Topic for teamwork 6: The EU and its fundamental principles & values. The cases of Poland and Hungary.

Unit.10. The institutions of the European Union today

Unit 11. The EU, 2017 
Topic for teamwork 7: Brexit. 
Topic for teamwork 8: Joining and leaving the EU. Secession within the EU.
Final considerations.