imgCollection 'Law and European Union politics Treaty'

Collection 'Law and European Union politics Treaty'

The collection 'Treaty on Law and Policies of the European Union' aims to cover all aspects of the Union, not only from a legal perspective, but also from a historical and political one.
imgNextGenerationEU Trade Agreement

NextGenerationEU Trade Agreement

The Royal University Institute for European Studies has published the audiovisual content of the project "The European Union, a great trade power. New Generation Trade Agreements: An opportunity for Spain?", developed with the collaboration of the Secretary of State for Global Spain of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.
imgSeries of Conferences about

Series of Conferences about "The future of Europe"

The Royal University Institute for European Studies is organising a series of conferences about "The future of Europe". All of them are available here.
imgUniversity Master in International Relations

University Master in International Relations

This programme is pioneer in Spain and leads the ranking in academic research within the domains of International Relations and European studies. The wide range of modules and academic contents ensure a rigorous understanding of the current international reality.
imgUniversity Master in European Union

University Master in European Union

There are specific reasons that make this Master´s occupy a prominent place in the field of European studies at the international level. It is official, bilingual and provides specific training in areas that analyze European integration from a multidisciplinary perspective.
imgThe European Union and China

Jean Monnet Network: The European Union and China

The network aims to share experiences and contributions to global governance, particularly in the fields of climate change, including energy; international trade, including investment and international taxation; and market regulation and competition.

Royal University Institute for European Studies

(Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence)

Research Centre specialized in the study and analysis of European Union affairs and others aspects of International relations. It is chaired by Marcelino Oreja Aguirre.