This project, developed by the Royal University Institute of European Studies of the CEU San Pablo University with the collaboration of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, starts from the need for Spain to maximise its action in the New Silk Road initiative, both in its economic and political dimensions. To this end, the following have been developed activities:

1) Experts of seminars
         - Seminar with China's companies (January 29th 2020). The objective is to organize a discussion forum with Chinese companies that have invested in Spain in order to learn about their experiences, what have been the main obstacles they have encountered or which are the sectors that can offer better opportunities for investments by Chinese companies in the future, among others.
        - Seminar with Spanish's companies (February 25th 2020). The purpose of this seminar would be to discuss the possibilities of collaboration between Chinese and Spanish companies within the framework of the new European mechanism for the control of foreign direct investment, as well as to identify possible obstacles and factors of complementarity between Chinese and Spanish companies.

2) Elaboration and publication of original researches about the subjects of the project
        1. 40 años de reforma, el papel de China en la comunidad internacional, by Enrique Fanjul, Partner Founder of Iberglobal Consultoría de Internacionalización
        2. Nuevas perspectivas en las relaciones entre la Unión Europea y China, by Georgina Higueras, Director Foro Asia in Fundación Foro de Foros
        3. El Banco Asiático de Inversiones e Infraestructuras: Participación de países europeos y participación de España, by Amadeo Jensana, Director of Economic Programmes of Casa Asia
        4. Inversiones Unión Europea-China: ¿hacia una nueva era?, by Jerónimo Maíllo González-Orús, Director of the Regulation and Competition Policy Center and Professor of Interational Public Law and International Relations, and Javier Porras Belarra, Professor Collaborator Doctor of International Public Law and International Relations

3) Executive Report of Proposals to the Spanish foreign policy


4) Digital Interviews

     1. "España siempre ha tenido un papel importante en la relación UE-China", by Miguel Otero, Main Researcher of the Royal Institute ElCano and professor of the Instituto de Empresa

     2. "España necesita una estrategia global para abordar el mercado chino", by Enrique Fanjul, Partner Founder of Iberglobal 

     3. "Para China, Europa es fundamental no solo económicamente, sino como aliado frente a la guerra comercial", by Georgina Higueras, Vice-president of Catedra China and director of Foro Asia

     4. "Hay que aprovechar todas las oportunidades que ofrece China desde una posición de firmeza", by José María Beneyto, director of the Royal University of European Studies 


5) Celebration of an online seminar: The Royal University organizes an online seminar on June 18th at 18.00h. In the event, the authors of the working papers will participate: Georgina Higueras, Amadeo Jensana, Enrique Fanjul, Jerónimo Maillo y Javier Porras. You can read the press realease


This project continue the Eto the previously developed: "The role of Spain in the New Silk Road".