This proposal aims at offering three courses on “Single European Market & Economic and Monetary Union”, “EU Competition Law (I): Private Restraints”, and “EU Competition Law (II): Public Restraints”, which would be progressively taught during the next three academic years by Prof. Jerónimo Maillo (2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17). The courses, conferences and seminars will be supported by young post-doctoral researchers, junior researchers and research scholars. Dr. Justo Corti and PhD candidates Javier Porras and María Peñarrubia are part of the module’s team.

From a methodological perspective, the proposed courses will strongly lie on the case method. A syllabus will be used for the previous preparation of the seminar discussion. It will contain guidelines and a list of binding readings. After a brief introductory overview of the main points, a debate will take place on the interpretation of legal provisions and the case law, the logic behind it and its practical consequences. Hypothetical cases will be prepared and students will have to resolve them, sometimes individually and sometimes working in teams. Both written reports and oral presentations of these cases will have to be prepared. Importance will also be given to make students capable of identifying the evolution of this area of EU Law and future developments. This methodological approach will stimulate the critical capacity of students, develop their skills to interpret and apply (EU) Law and encourage future academic and professional careers in the field of European studies.

In addition to the three main courses, the Jean Monnet Module will organise events (seminars and debates, Lecture series), will prepare and launch and Open educational resource, make publications (working papers, articles, books), and disseminate information to the general public (newspaper articles, radio and/or TV interviews...).



Reference: 553305-EPP-1-2014-1-ES-EPPJMO-MODULE

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Jerónimo Maillo