Author: Alcide De Gasperi Europa, Escritos y Discursos

   Editorial: Ediciones Encuentro

   Date: Madrid, 2011

   "This edition of Alcide De Gasperi's Europeanist speeches invites us to reflect on his political heritage, so often forgotten. Together with Schuman and Adenauer, he initiated and partly travelled a path towards unity that still awaits our convinced and definitive contribution. [...] The speeches collected here represent the foundations of the unitary idea. They have lost none of their gloss, nor the depth of their vision, nor the courageous drive towards a future so different from that which our continent had experienced for centuries. Let us therefore rediscover how the unity of Europe, if it is to become a real force in the world, requires the moral cohesion and faith in man that De Gasperi so fervently dreamed of". (Maria Romana De Gasperi)

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