The Royal Institute´s principal teaching role is to promote European studies in the faculties of the San Pablo CEU University and other centres of the San Pablo-CEU Foundation.

TeachingIt offers the possibility of studying a Degree in European Community Law and International Law and different Master’s Degrees: a Master’s in International Relations and a Master in European Union.

The Degree in European Community Law and International Law is coordinated by the Royal University Institute for European Studies and the Law Faculty of San Pablo-CEU University. Its objective is to give law students in-depth insight into the European Union from a political, legal and financial perspective, at the same time providing a solid grounding in international law.

The aim of the Master in International Relations, designed primarily for graduates, is to furnish the student with a specific grounding in the operation and development of international relations. The subject matter is varied and wide-ranging to ensure that students gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the political, economic and legal relations of our time from an interdisciplinary standpoint. The Master’s degree also has the benefit of the participation of the Diplomatic School and the Spanish Office of the European Parliament.

The objective of the Master in European Union is to provide a deep and systematic knowledge of the European Union’s reality with the purpose of forming experts in European affairs that are qualify to perfume an excellent work of researching and teaching all matters related to the European Union. The Master also intends to contribute to the formation of public functionaries, diplomats, journalists and other professionals that need a rigorous knowledge on Europe for the better development of their work.

Those students that have attained the title of the Master will be able to initiate the studies that lead to the title of PhD in European Studies. They will have to present a Doctoral Thesis project along with a communication of acceptance by their Thesis’ Director and the approval of the Master’s Academic Direction. Those students that successfully overcome their Thesis dissertation will obtain the title of Doctor of the CEU San Pablo University.