Author: Otto de Hasburgo El Camino de Europa

   Editorial: Ediciones Encuentro

   Date: Madrid, 2011


   The book "El camino a Europa" brings together a selection of articles published by Otto of Habsburg (1912-2011), where the author presents his idea of Europe, raising many of the major issues affecting the European Union today.

   In his columns, Otto de Habsburg defends a politically united Europe, which acts with a single voice on the international stage; a Europe of principles and values, which does not abandon its Christian ideals and which welcomes all European countries into its midst in order to achieve stability and security; a Europe determined to intervene, whether in the Balkans or wherever it is appropriate to defend its interests, but more importantly, the rights of any human being.

   This publication is the eighth in the Raíces de Europa collection, published by the Royal University Institute for European Studies of the CEU San Pablo University and Ediciones Encuentro, and in this case with the collaboration of Paneuropa, with the aim of bringing the reader closer to the key works of the most relevant thinkers and promoters of European construction.


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