UNIVERSITY MASTER IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS                                                           

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The process of economic and political globalization along with the increasing processes of regional integration have shown isolated national perspectives are insufficient to understand the realities of the society in the international setting of the twenty-first century. 

In this view, the current international interdepence among countries has created a growing demand in the job market for professionals with a thorough knowledge of international affairs.

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The aim of this Master in International Relations is to furnish the student with a thorough grounding in the functioning and evolution of international relations. The variety of the subject matter and contents will give students greater knowledge and understanding of present-day political, economic and legal relationships from an interdisciplinary standpoint.

The programme is coordinated by the Royal University Institute for European Studies of the CEU San Pablo University, a research centre presided over by Marcelino Oreja and awarded the title of a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence by the European Commission.