UNIVERSITY MASTER IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS                                                           

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The process of economic and political globalization along with the increasing processes of regional integration have shown isolated national perspectives are insufficient to understand the realities of the society in the international setting of the twenty-first century. 

In this view, the current international interdepence among countries has created a growing demand in the job market for professionals with a thorough knowledge of international affairs.

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The aim of this Master in International Relations is to furnish the student with a thorough grounding in the functioning and evolution of international relations. The variety of the subject matter and contents will give students greater knowledge and understanding of present-day political, economic and legal relationships from an interdisciplinary standpoint.

The programme is coordinated by the Royal University Institute for European Studies of the CEU San Pablo University, a research centre presided over by Marcelino Oreja and awarded the title of a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence by the European Commission.


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                                                                        Tomoyuki Yamagata, former student of the Master in International Relations


The director of each module is responsible for teaching, the programme and student evaluation. However, there will also be invited professors in each module who will give a number of special classes.

The focus of the Master is eminently practical, based on active participation after prior reading of recommended texts, on the application of case method, presentation of work in teams and engaging in simulated activities of international bodies.

The wide range of modules and academic contents ensure a rigorous understanding of the current international reality. This programme is pioneer in Spain and leads the ranking in academic research within the domains of International Relations and European studies. 

Among its distinctive features, its interdisciplinary nature, its professional and research focus, the academic staff excellence along with the frequently organized events concerning international issues make this degree stand out from the rest. 

It is also worth to mention the international renowned academic staff, coming from distinguished universities all around the world such as Georgetown, Warwick or Sabanci to deliver guest lectures.


Dr. Ola Bello, former student of the Master in International Relations"This Masters in International Relations programme promises a transformational experience for students and faculty at a period of profound changes in the Spanish and international job markets. Highly cosmopolitan and diverse in content, the course unites knowledge and human networks in a way the alumni already regard as representing real value. Fun, camaraderie, institutional support, dynamic learning and a cutting edge global perspective - it’s clear the programme has it all!”

Dr. Ola Bello,
Programme Head, Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme
South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)