The book 'Migration and asylum: new challenges and opportunities for Europe'  bring together the keys to the research that the Royal University Institute for European Studies has been carrying out on the refugee crisis in recent months.

The contributions that will appear in the book will be chosen by an international scientific committee, which will include them:

Joaquín Arango (Professor of Sociology at the Universidad Complutense and Director of the Centre for Studies on Migration and Citizenship at the Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute), Carmen González Enríquez (Professor of the UNED and Senior Researcher into Migration at the Real Instituto Elcano), José María Beneyto (Director of the Royal University Institute for European Studies at the CEU San Pablo University and Professor of International Public Law and International Relations), Timothy J. Hatton (Professor at the University of Essex), Carlos Jiménez Piernas (Professor of Public International Law at the University of Alcalá), Marcelino Oreja Aguirre (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Commissioner. President of the Royal University Institute for European Studies CEU San Pablo), Blanca Sánchez Alonso (Professor of Economic History at the University CEU San Pablo), Jeffrey G. Williamson (Professor at Harvard University) and Claudio Zanghi (Professor of International Law at La Sapienza).

The interdisciplinary nature of the work should be highlighted. It will offer a dialogue between different disciplines and approaches, taking into account everything from the economic and legal dimensions, to social attitudes, moral values, human rights and the different policies for dealing with the migration crisis.

This work will be directed, as is the case with the conference, by a Steering Committee made up of

José Alberto Parejo Gámir. Professor of Applied Economics at the CEU San Pablo University.
Belén Becerril Atienza, Deputy Director of the Royal University Institute for European Studies from CEU San Pablo University
Blanca Sánchez Alonso. Professor of Economic History at CEU San Pablo University