CEU San Pablo University
Calle Tutor, nº 35, 28008 Madrid

Taught: On site
Language: Spanish
Number of places: 35
On site hours: 35

Inscription: July 2020 to February 2020
Calendar: To be confirmed 
Schedule: To be confirmed


The methodology to be followed in this arbitration course will be master classes followed by the active intervention of the participants during an intensive week. During the morning there will be three continuous sessions in which students will be given the necessary knowledge to learn about arbitration. In the afternoon, there will be master sessions in which a renowned arbitrator will give a presentation on the practice of international arbitration.

The course corresponds to 35 hours of classroom instruction. Attendance will be compulsory. 40% of the grade will correspond to class attendance and participation, and the remaining 60% will correspond to the final evaluation. The final evaluation will be carried out by 3 external evaluators who will confirm that the material submitted by the students complies with the requirements and objectives established in the programme.

On the last Friday of May, the students will have to go to the place that will be communicated to them in their respective countries, to take an exam of all the material of the course. The minimum grade to pass will be 70, on a scale of 1 to 100, students will be notified only if they have passed or failed.

Once the course has been passed, students may apply for accreditation as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator in London by completing the application form and paying the respective fees.