Madrid, April 25 of 2017 

The European Awareness Days aim to reach a large audience, as well as achieving a significant impact on the media. This initiative consists of a musical show (Europe: What Passion! A Tormented Love Story) and several discussion sessions with different types of audiences on the need to advance the integration process and the creation of a true supranational democracy in Europe.

Europe, What a passion! Tormented Love Story Story of a Tormented Love is a lively and innovative recital that tells the story of European integration since the Second World War. It involves the audience in the narration of a little-known but decisive part of its own history, whose subsequent development weighs heavily on our future. In this way, the story of the integration process is told as an exciting adventure, with an uncertain outcome, but with a clear commitment to progress and advancement; a commitment of which all the inhabitants of the continent are part, often without being aware of it.





A narrator lends his voice-over, through twelve well-known European songs, to present the twelve milestones of a long, turbulent and vital love story. The songs and their lyrics are adapted to the transnational and multilingual approach of this artistic project: different versions of the show for different European audiences. In all versions, these twelve milestones are illustrated with videos, texts and images representing the main stages of European integration in an attractive and original way.

Each song invites the audience to recall the atmosphere of the last seventy years thanks to the talent of Paolo Barillari, an experienced Italian singer, and the pianist Davide Magnabosco, a musician with a great career in musical shows.