Court of Auditors

"The course has developed the most important aspects of the institution of arbitration, which is currently booming, both nationally and internationally, with a special focus on the analysis of all aspects relating to its legal system, judicial control, and the practices currently in place to better decide controversial issues in terms of the speed, flexibility and efficiency of arbitration. Nor can we forget, of course, the aspects referring to the actual execution of the arbitration decisions, as well as the consideration as a whole of the judicial action or the State's judicial bodies, clearly highlighting the advantages of arbitration and its complete and broad legal regime. The current state of arbitration in a globalized world has been clearly and unquestionably highlighted in the course of the various classes, although, naturally, its possible dark points have also been highlighted, with the aim of avoiding a possible image of lack of impartiality as well as the ethics that must always and without exception preside over the actions of the arbitration institutions and the arbitrators themselves, as could not be otherwise".



President, Barcelona Arbitration Court 

"A course with extraordinary interaction with the participants that turned a master class into a very active round table. The session continued in the corridors!" 



Socio, B. Cremades & Asociados

"The course has been a very interesting experience given the very high level of the participants. There was a very interesting dialogue in which the participants participated very actively, some of them with practical experience".



Lawyer in Delegaltessen

"A magnificent program with very complete and practical coverage of arbitration. An essential initiative for the development of international arbitration in the Spanish language, corroborated by the interest and lively participation of a multinational student body that will undoubtedly take advantage of the course to advance in their professional practice as lawyers or arbitrators".





"The Arbitration Superior Course has brought together the most select group of professionals in the international arbitration field, a size that is only surpassed by its great teaching and human quality. In its development, the main advantages of arbitration, its important challenges and issues were conveyed; and, in general, the new perspectives of institutional improvement that encourage its continuous research and learning. The progress of the course and the fruitful interaction between teachers and students would not have been fully exploited without the efficient work of its coordinator who was always attentive to the group's queries. As a result: not only better professionals have been forged, but also great friendships that are now part of a great institution: The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators." 



"The Arbitration Superior Course is currently an essential academic tool for those interested in training in a subject as exciting as arbitration. Through the Course, taught by teachers of the highest academic and professional level, theoretical knowledge and practical skills are perfectly combined. All this, thanks to the organization and structure designed in an excellent and careful way by CIAMEN and the Real Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos de la Universidad San Pablo-CEU that offer an unconditional, continuous and constant support to the students at all times, emphasizing the work of the Coordinator. If, in addition, we add the collaboration of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, which gives students the possibility of taking their official exams, we can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is an indispensable course for learning about all the aspects that make up arbitration today. “



"The Arbitration Superior Course has not only met my expectations, but has far exceeded them. Commercial Arbitration is already an interesting subject, but if you add the good organization, the contents of the course, the high level of the students and the excellence of the speakers, it becomes essential for all those professionals who work in international environments executing contracts, both from the legal and management fields. On a personal level and as an engineer, it has opened the doors to a field that I had always had close to me, but about which I had never studied in depth, strengthening much more the idea that I already had that the future and the present of international contracts in all sectors without exception go through resolving their disputes within the scope of arbitration".



"I'm really satisfied with the program and the preparation methodology. Complete in content, orderly in structure and with a brilliant cast of speakers. It has far exceeded my expectations. Congratulations to the whole team and especially to its organizer!"



"The quality of the teachers together with the established work plan, mixed with the training and experience of the chosen students, makes the course a true international referee with a global vision. All this within an atmosphere of cordiality and camaraderie that extends over time".



"The Royal Institute of European Studies of the San Pablo CEU University offers a unique arbitration course, which combines the essential foundations of commercial and investment arbitration with the daily practice of eminent arbitrators and counsels. The programme is very dynamic. In addition, the level and preparation of the students, as well as their different backgrounds - they usually come from many Latin American countries -, makes the discussions always enjoyable and enriching. It is worth mentioning that this course is the only one organized in Spain that allows access to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)".



"The course is undoubtedly a reference for all those interested in the world of arbitration; the organization of the course is indisputable and the faculty is of the highest level. The reference point of the course is that it is taught in Madrid and at the CEU San Pablo University, one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, in coordination with the International Centre for Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation (CIAMEN). The added value is the possibility of obtaining accreditation as a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), which enjoys an unrivalled prestige in the field of arbitration worldwide; without leaving aside the opportunity it gives you to meet extraordinary people".



"The Arbitration Superior Course organized by CIAMEN and CIarb, is called to be a reference course in the field of technical training in arbitration. It has a staff of first-rate teachers who know how to transmit all their extensive experience and professional qualifications, on the basis of a studied academic programme, which touches on all the current aspects of arbitration practice, the result of experience and impeccable organisation by CIAMEN".



"The Arbitration Superior Course organized jointly by the San Pablo CEU University and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of London is a unique program in Spain, not only because it allows access to the exam to become a member of this prestigious British institution, but also because the quality of its speakers and the high level of the offered topics are part of its identity. It is, without a doubt, a very good option for those who wish to study commercial arbitration more thoroughly as a method of alternative dispute resolution".



"Having done this course has been, without a doubt, a great experience, both on a professional level and on a human level and in terms of fellowship. An experience to be recommended to those who wish to deepen and broaden their knowledge and share experiences in an area of law that is increasingly emerging and with a great presence in the day-to-day practice of law. In my opinion, it is an essential area in any law firm. My personal experience could not be better and without a doubt I take with me not only great colleagues, but above all good friends and excellent people".



"It is an educational program designed to provide specialized information by a group of professionals with knowledge and accredited practical experience in international arbitration. The atmosphere created by the teaching staff and the assistance of professionals from different countries provides an international vision and, from the point of view of the different legal realities of the matters dealt with, an excellent working environment and camaraderie in general is established, expanding the network of contacts of those who have participated in the course".



"The Arbitration Superior Course has fulfilled my expectations. The very high quality of the teaching staff, the rigorous, advanced and eminently practical content, the profile and experience of the classmates and their good organization undoubtedly contributed to making this course a great experience. To all this, we can add the unbeatable guarantee of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, with the outstanding possibility offered to the students of the course to access their official exams. Highly recommended."



"My experience in the Arbitration Superior Course was very pleasant and enriching. I must highlight the high level of demand, the quality of the teachers and the level demonstrated by the students who, with their experience, allowed us to make the most of the subjects taught. I must also congratulate the impeccable work of the Course Coordinator, always attentive to respond to our concerns, before, during and after the Course".