Centre for International Law and Global Governance (CDIG)

The Centre for International Law and Global Governance is a research centre which is part of the Royal University Institute for European Studies, recognised by the European Union as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, and which collaborates closely with other Universities and Research Centres. Committed to the study and promotion of international law, the Centre for International Law and Global Governance (CDIG) was created in 2020 with the aim of serving as a forum for debate, through symposia, conferences, publications and projects. The coordinator of the centre is Sandra Galimberti Díaz-Faes.

The centre has an interdisciplinary character, with legal and economics as its main areas of work, and its official languages are Spanish and English. We collaborate closely with other international and national partner organisations such as the Centre for Relations with China, the Centre for Competition Policy and Market Regulation or the Centre for European Foundations and Values, aspiring to be a leading research centre committed to the study and promotion of international law.

Main objectives:


  • To contribute to the promotion of international law through teaching, research and other scientific events.
  • To provide a meeting forum for students, researchers and scholars from around the world interested in international law and issues related to Global Governance.
  • To contribute to the development of international law through strong cooperation and partnership with other academic institutions or research centres, international organisations and other scientific and social organisations.


Main activities


  • Seminars and expert meetings on international law issues.
  • Organisation of conferences on topical issues of international law and national and international events.
  • Establishment of a bibliographic centre with emphasis on research activities and publications related to international law.
  • Establishment of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other academic institutions or research centres.


Research projects


1. Due diligence of companies in matters of human rights and the environment in the European Union. Implications for Spain. Project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.
2. Carl Schmitt and Francisco de Vitoria.


Workshops and seminars


1. Use of Force
Dates: 21-23 September 2023. Venue: Real Instituto María Cristina, El Escorial.
2. The Universality of International Law
Dates: January 2024. Venue: Salamanca.



1. Treatise book Francisco de Vitoria and Carl Schmitt.
2. Tratado Derecho Internacional Público Vol. II y III.