The Executive Master in International Business Law is a program developed between the Royal University Institute of European Studies and CEU IAM. The course is directed by José María Beneyto, director of the Royal Institute, and Jerónimo Maillo González-Orus, director of the Competition Policy and Regulation Centre (CPRC), and coordinated by Isabel Díez-Ordás. 

In the current world, the international area is presented, and apparently will increase with time, like one of the most important part from the Law professionals. This can be appreciated in: 

  • Spanish firms with increasing international activity
  • Multinational law firms setting up in Spain
  • Legal advice to companies, whether Spanish or multinational, which are also operating in an increasingly internationalised environment

This internationalisation of demands also requires people who:

  • Excellent knowledge of legal aspects, national and international, involved in the transnational operations on which they are consulted
  • Be capable to develop comfortably in several countries and/or with international clients

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The objective of the Master in International Business Law is to provide excellent training to the legal professionals that these law firms and companies need and seek.

To this end, the training covers all the new areas of legal-business consultancy that are in particular demand and will be developed in the future, not only from a national perspective but also taking into account the international context.



This program is designed for law graduates who wish to complete and develop all the skills necessary to work in large professional firms and corporate legal departments, especially those with an international vocation.




From October to July and about 250 hours of classroom teaching


The program is bilingual, with subjects in English and Spanish 


The master is developed on Friday's afternoon and Satuday's morning


The Campus of Argüelles ( c/Tutor nº35. Madrid) 


The program is developed by: