Infantry Brigadier General




  • Army (1979)
  • Specialist in the command of mountain troops (1984)
  • NBC Defense Specialist (Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical) by the US Army NBC Defense College (1990)
  • Diploma from the Society for International Studies (2005)
  • Master's Degree in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College (2009)
  • PhD from the University of Navarra (2020)



  • Greek High Readiness Headquarters in Thessaloniki, Hellenic Republic, as Second Chief of Staff for Operations (from 2014)
  • Professor of Strategy and National Security, Department of National Security and Strategy, US Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania (2009 - 2012) 
  • Operational command at all levels (Section, Company and Battalion), in mountain and mechanized units of the Army
  • As a staff officer: committed to national (Rapid Action Force, Army Staff Operations Division) and multinational (NATO Immediate Reaction Force, Joint Command Centre, both in Heidelberg, Germany) staff
  • Inspector for verification and arms control within the framework of the Treaty on Conventional Force Reduction in Europe (CFE) and the Vienna Document, participating in numerous national and allied verification activities in countries of the former Warsaw Pact
  • Multinational operations: UN Verification Mission in Angola (UNAVEM II, 1990) | NATO Stabilisation Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina in Sarajevo (SFOR, 1998) | Iraqi Operation FREEDOM (Liaison Officer at CENTCOM, Tampa, Florida, 2004) | UN Interim Force in Lebanon (MARJAYOUN, 2008), where he was Head of the Spanish Tactical Group in the mission
  • Civil-Military Expedition to Mount McKinley (Alaska, USA) (1988)