Study Guide

Allan Francis Tatham
Professor of History of International Relations. CEU San Pablo University


Session 1. History of International Relations: Introduction to the Course and the Big Picture

Session 2. Great Power Rivalry, the World War and the Search for European Stability - 1900-1929

Session 3. The European Colonial Empires and Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict - 1900-1945/48

Session 4. Origins and Implications of the Second World War: the Creation of the United Nations System -

Session 5. The Cold War: the Creation of the Eastern and Western Blocs

Session 6. Collapsing Empires and Decolonization 

Session 7. The End of the Cold War and the New World Order

Session 8. The Rise of a New Europe and of Human Rights in International Politics: Current Challenges

Session 9. The Emerging Powers and US Decline in a Globalized World: Regions to the Fore 

Session 10. Simulation