Study Guide

Pablo Hispán
Member of the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies



  1. The decision-making mechanisms of American foreign policy  
  2. The emergence of the United States as a global player  
  3. The Cold War 1947-1989  
  4. The end of the Cold War  
  5. The United States and the New World Order  
  6. From Clinton to Bush  
  7. Neocons and the New Security Doctrine, 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq  
  8. Barack Obama's Foreign Policy; His Team, His Security Doctrine  
  9. From the Arab Spring to the Islamic State  
  10. The new relationship with Russia  
  11. At the rise of China  
  12. Israel, Syria, the Middle East and the Iranian dossier   
  13. The Transatlantic Agenda  
  14. Latin America  
  15. Trump Revolution or revolt? 
  16. Decline of America or rise of others?


  1. Basics of US Government Structure and role of different parts in the Foreign Policy Process 
  2. Political and Global Issues in US Foreign Policy, Transatlantic policy, Latin America policy 
  3. Economics/Trade/Financial Issues 
  4. Environment, Science, Technology, and Health 
  5. NATO, National Security Strategy, Afghanistan, Iraq
  6. Human Rights, International Organizations