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This research project is funded by the European Commission and by Ferroatlántica, and iscoordinated by the Institute for European Studies of CEU-San Pablo University. Its objetive is to analyse the EU and China relations and to identify issues of common interest that will allow a closer more productive collaboration, such as political dialogue, China`s priorities and its relations with the EU, trade policies, among others matters.

A number of research institutions, both European and Chinese, take part, specifically: the Centre for European Studies of Renmin University in Beijing, the Centre for European Studies of Fudan University in Shangai, Leeds University in the UK and the Institut d`Ètudes Européenes of the Free University of Brussels.





China’s Foreign Policy: A European Perspective
Fernando Delage & Gracia Abad | n.37/2011-Serie UE y RRII

China’s Priorities and Strategy in the China-EU Relations
Chen Zhimin, Dai Bingran, Pan Zhongqi & Ding Chun | n.38/2011-Serie UE y RRII

China and the Global Political Economy
Weiping Huang & Xinning Song | n.44/2011-Serie UE y RRII

Multilateralism and Soft Diplomacy in EU-China Relations
Juliet Lodge & Angela Carpenter | n.45/2011- Serie UE y RRII

FDI and Business Networks: the EU-China Foreign Direct Investment Relationship
Jeremy Clegg & Hinrich Voss | n.46/2011- Serie UE y RRII

China within the emerging Asian multilateralism and regionalism
Maria Eugenia Bardaro y Frederik Ponjaert | n.47/2011-Serie UE y RRII

Multilateralism and Global Governance
Mario Telò | n.48/2011-Serie UE y RRII

EU-China: Bilateral Trade Relations and Business Cooperation
Enrique Fanjul | n.49-Serie UE y RRII

Political Dialogue in EU-China Relations
José María Beneyto, Alicia Sorroza, Inmaculada Hurtado, Justo Corti | n.50/2011-Serie UE y RRII

Understanding China’s Competition Law & Policy: Merger Control as a Case Study
Jerónimo Maillo| n.30/2011-Serie Política de la Competencia