The Royal University Institute of European Studies of the CEU San Pablo University, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, has developed a research project about the role that Spain must adopt in the New Silk Road. Within the framework, several activities have been organised:     

Likewise, two working papers were edited: 

  1. Introducción. José María Beneyto.
  2. La Ruta de la Seda y la “nueva era” de la República Popular China: fundamentos, objetivos, implicaciones. Fernando Delage.
  3. Las relaciones económicas y comerciales entre China y España ante la Nueva Ruta de la Seda. Enrique Fanjul.
  4. La Diplomacia Monetaria China en la Nueva Ruta de la Seda: el Banco Asiático de Inversiones en Infraestructuras y otros bancos de desarrollo. Miguel Otero Iglesias.
  5. La inversión china en Europa y en España. Amadeo Jensana Tanehashi.
  6. La Nueva Ruta de la Seda y sus implicaciones para la política internacional. Juan Leña Casas.
  7. La Nueva Ruta de la Seda en el marco de las relaciones Unión Europea-China. Jerónimo Maillo González-Orús.

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  1. The first section reviews some aspects of the international and economic context, which condition Spain's participation in the New Silk Road initiative
  2. The second section reviews the main factors that would favour Spain's participation in the Silk Road
  3. The third section reviews the main obstacles to Spanish participation
  4. The fourth contains the main recommendations suggested for Spanish foreign policy. These are grouped into five lines of action: a) Information actions. b). Actions aimed at promoting transparency and openness in the awarding of projects. c). Institutional actions. d). Financial support. e). Promotional actions
  5. Finally, a summary table of the suggested actions is compiled

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