Author: Jean MonnetMemorias

Editorial: Ediciones Encuentro

Date: Madrid, 2011

History already places Jean Monnet among those men of the 20th century who, through their action, have changed the destiny of the world and transformed our living conditions.

His Memoirs, which have today become an essential reference work for leaders and managers, reveal the prodigious adventure of a man whose action was decisive at each of the great crossroads of contemporary history: the First World War, the birth of the League of Nations, the Second World War, America's involvement against Nazism, the creation of the National Liberation Committee in Algiers, the reconstruction of France and, especially, the construction of a united Europe. His Memoirs make it clear why and how throughout his life Jean Monnet put all his unwavering determination into the service of a simple idea: "Peace and prosperity can only be achieved by the union of men".

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Author: Jean MonnetLos Estados Unidos de Europa han comenzado

Editorial: Ediciones Encuentro

Date: Madrid, 2010

"The tragic events we have lived through, the events we are witnessing, have perhaps made us more sensible. but men pass by, others will come and replace us. what we can leave them will not be our personal experience, which will disappear with us; what we can leave them with the institutions. The life of institutions is longer than that of men; therefore institutions, if well built, can accumulate and transmit the wisdom of successive generations. 

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