The defence of the competition and the regulation of the internal market are areas of great relevance in the process of European integration. In this area the European Commission has a great capacity for manoeuvre and consequently, exercises a great influence on the activity of the economic operators. This is the reason why the study of these elements is one of the pillars on which the research task of the Royal University Institute for European Studies is based.

The Centre takes part in joint investigations with other national and international centres and research projects promoted by public and private institutions. The results of the research activity are reflected in numerous publications in the shape of working papers, manuals and reports.

The study of this subject begins in the San Pablo CEU University with the celebration, in the spring of 1999, on the first seminar dedicated to the Competition Policy. This seminar was based on the reform of the community regulation for the control of concentrations, which had just been approved. In addition the reform foreseen in the Spanish system for the control of concentrations, was analysed. From then, with the impact created by the foundation of the Institute for European Studies, the task of promoting and researching into competition policy would be greatly promoted.