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Academic guide

Enrique Fanjul
Founding partner of Iberglobal 

Christian Freres
Expert of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development




  1. The process of internationalization of the company
  • Concept of the company's internationalization process. Reasons for internationalization. Obstacles. Requirements for a successful internationalization
  1. Stages in the company's internationalization process
  • Stages of the internationalization process. Foreign investments. New trends in the internationalization process: reshoring, near-shoring, etc.
  1. Globalization, international competitiveness and changes in the world economy
  • Causes and evolution of globalization. From globalization to multipolarity. Implications of the rise of the emerging economies The economic rise of Asia. The case of China: the Beijing Consensus. Analysis of the competitiveness of countries
  1. Internationalization policies
  • Overview of internationalisation policies. Commercial diplomacy: concept, instruments, trends. Controversies on development cooperation policies and the role of business
  1. Financing of international operations
  • Overview of the financing of international operations. Export credits. Concessional finance. Export credit insurance. Debt conversion programmes
  1. Tools for internationalization
  • Key skills for international work. Communication tools. Sources of information. The role of social networks
  1. International negociation
  • Key elements of international trade negotiation. The concept of cultural intelligence. The impact of cultural barriers on international activity. Key cultural dimensions. Recommendations for international negotiation
  1. International economic organizations: the multilateral marketplace
  • The multilateral market: key concepts. Overview of the main international economic organizations. Procedures and business opportunities in the multilateral market. Working in international organizations



  1. Introduction to International Development Cooperation (IDC)
  • Linkages between IDC and International Relations concepts and theories, historical background, evolution, and key concepts of IDC
  1. Actors, Institutions and International Norms related to IDC
  • Developing countries, donors, international organizations, civil society, private sector; OECD/DAC, UN, World Bank; DAC principles, UN resolutions, UNCTAD and G-77; etc.
  1. The international development agenda
  • Aid and development effectiveness; Millenium Development Goals; Finance for Development
  1. Overview of International Donor Institutions
  • European Commission; selection of bilateral donors; World Bank, UN agencies
  1. South-South and Triangular Cooperation
  • Origins, evolution, overview of main actors and processes
  1. Situation and Perspectives of IDC
  • Aid in crisis; an increasingly complex and crowded agenda