Energy taxation and State aid control: looking for a better coordination and efficiency

Reference: 553321-EPP-1-2014-1-ES-EPPJMO-PROJECT

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marta Villar

According to the European Council priorities up to 2014, “the Union sets itself the deadline to complete the internal market for energy by 2014 and progress towards this objective should be reviewed. In order to give an impulse to this key strategic sector, we could look ahead at priorities for energy security and interconnections. Coherence should be ensured with climate change objectives, also in view of Europe's international commitments”. 

This project aims to contribute to EU priority objectives by a new and original way to address traditional legal research on environmental taxes: through the EU State aids control perspective. Up to now, taxes on energy as well as emission trading system was been considered an important mechanism to promote environmental objectives. 

Thirty researchers and experts are involved in this project that belongs to European and American centers