Career Diplomat.




  • Graduate in Political Science and Administration (USC)
  • Degree award from the Autonomous Community of Galicia
  • Admission to the Diplomatic Career



  • Head of Service in the Technical Office of the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Assigned as adviser to the Office of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

  • Head of the Legal, Social and Humanitarian Affairs Service (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

  • Secretary of the Spanish Embassy in The Hague (Netherlands).

  • Deputy Permanent Representative of Spain to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

  • Secretary at the Spanish Embassy in Cairo (political counsellor).

  • Deputy Assistant Director-General for the Middle East (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

  • Second Head of the Spanish Embassy in Amman (Jordan)

  • Second Head of the Spanish Embassy in Algiers (Algeria).

  • Adviser to the Directorate-General for Africa (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

  • Deputy Director General for Multilateral and Horizontal Affairs (Directorate General for Africa-Ministry of Foreign Affairs)



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