The rapture of Europe. A historical interpretation of our time

The rapture of Europe. A historical interpretation of our time
  • Author: Luis Díez del Corral
  • Publisher: Ediciones Encuentro
  • Date: Madrid, 2018

'The Rape of Europe', the masterpiece of the jurist, philosopher and historian of political ideas Luis Díez del Corral, is one of the most important projects of historical interpretation on Europe elaborated in the 20th century, as well as a lucid prophetic diagnosis of the uncertainty that has been taking hold in the last decades of this singular continent. Proof of this is that it has been translated into some of the main languages, such as French, English, German, Italian, Dutch and Japanese.

Based on the mythological image of the Syrian maiden snatched by the god Zeus, Professor Diez del Corral masterfully exposes the essence of this Europe that, on the one hand, "kidnapped" the world, through the "universal" extension of its values and culture, but that, in turn, "was kidnapped", insofar as its own essence is the result of a process of learning, integration and development of diverse traditions and cultures.

The Roots of Europe collection, which is published in collaboration with the Royal University Institute for European Studies of the CEU San Pablo University, rescues this great classic for its extraordinary value in offering interpretative keys to the current social and political moment in Europe. As Professor Benigno Pendás points out in the prologue to the edition, "its rereading reveals new and attractive approaches, nuances and perspectives, as is typical of classics that leave their mark in the face of the 'foam' of the days, as Boris Vian would say, typical of the ephemeral occurrences that proliferate without meaning in the post-modern world".

If you wish, you can acquire a copy of the work 'The Rape of Europe' in bookshops or through the web page of Ediciones Encuentro