Migration and Asylum: New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe

Migration and Asylum: New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
  • Editors: Belén Becerril Atienza, José Alberto Parejo Gámir y Blanca Sánchez Alonso
  • Foreword: Francesca Friz-Prguda
  • Publisher: Thomson Reuters Aranzadi
  • Date: Madrid, 2016

This publication is the result of the International Conference on Migration and Asylum held at the CEU San Pablo University in 2016. With it, our University wanted to express its deep interest in the situation in which immigrants and asylum seekers arriving at Europe's borders find themselves today.

This volume opens with an introduction by Francesca Fritz-Prguda, UNHCR representative in Spain. This is followed by nine international contributions, selected by a prestigious Scientific Committee, which offer a dialogue between different disciplines and approaches, taking into account everything from the economic and legal dimensions, to social attitudes, moral values, human rights and the different policies for dealing with the migration crisis.

Available in bookstores or through the Thomson Reuters Aranzadi website.

Conference 'The Global Refugee Crisis and its Impact on Europe: What the EU and Spain can do', with Francesca Fritz-Prguda