Spain's role in the New Silk Road

Spain's role in the New Silk Road
  • Directors: José Mª Beneyto, Enrique Fanjul
  • Authors: Fernando Delage, Amadeo Jensana, Juan Leña, Jerónimo Maillo, Miguel Otero
  • Publisher: Aranzadi
  • Date: Madrid, 2018


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The New Silk Road is an ambitious project launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping for the creation of an extensive network of communication and transport infrastructures across 65 countries. It has therefore become one of the most important public projects of the 21st century

In this context, the work analyses the role that Spain can play in this New Silk Road. It includes economic, commercial, historical, political and strategic perspectives that allow the reader to understand in depth the opportunities and challenges that this route may entail. It also provides practical recommendations that may be useful for politicians and companies. 

This work is part of a wider project called 'Spain and the New Silk Road: opportunities, challenges, recommendations', which has been developed by the University Institute of European Studies at the CEU San Pablo University with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and which has had the collaboration of experts, academics and business people.

The book is divided into the following sections, which can be downloaded individually: 

Introduction. By José María Beneyto
Chapter I: The Silk Road and the "New Age" of the People's Republic of China: Foundations, Objectives and Implications. By Fernando Delage
Chapter II: The economic and commercial relations between China and Spain in view of the new Silk Road. By Enrique Fanjul
Chapter III: Monetary diplomacy on the new Silk Road: the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other development banks. By Miguel Otero
Chapter IV: Chinese investment in Europe and Spain. By Amadeo Jensana
Chapter V: The new Silk Road and its implications for international policy. By Juan Leña
Chapter VI: The new Silk Road in the framework of European Union-China relations. By Jerónimo Maillo

Also, if you wish, you can purchase a printed copy in bookstores or on the Aranzadi website.