European Documentation Centre (EDC)

European Documentation Centre (EDC)

Inaugurated in October 1995, the European Documentation Centre (EDC) is part of the Europe Direct Information Network created by the European Commission in universities and other education and research institutions in the member states of the European Union and in some third party countries.

The EDC main objective is to help the academic community to promote research and education in relation to European integration collecting, processing and presenting the collection on the European Union and materials concerning the integration processes.

The mission of the EDC is to make the EU’s information sources available to users, to inform on European Union policies and to be a key European information point in the University.

On the basis of the agreement, the EDC continuously receives a compulsory copy from the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities in Luxembourg and has privileged access to European Union’s electronic databases.

Since July of 1998, the EDC is a part of the Comunidad de Madrid European Network of Information (REIMAD). 

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Where is it?

The EDC of USP-CEU is on the lower floor of the Faculty of Law (Julián Romea, 22 – 28003, Madrid) of the CEU San Pablo University (Moncloa Campus).

Centro de Documentación Europea
Campus Moncloa
Julián Romea, 22 (lower floor)
28003 MADRID

What does it contain?

The EDC contains the official publications of the European Union:

  • Legislation: Treaties, regulations, directives, proposals for new legislation
  • Case law of the European Court of Justice
  • Journals: 100 titles on European Union subjects
  • Reports: Commission, Council and European Parliament reports
  • Statistics

CEU San Pablo University has provided the EDC with an independent budget to complete the different thematic aspects of the European integration.

The whole collection holds ca. 11.000 volumes of books, 170 titles of newspapers and more than 45 electronic publications.


Phone: 91 5140400, exts. 5709 y 5772
Fax: 91 5350991


Monday to Friday
Morning: from 9am to 2pm
Afternoon: from 3.30pm to 8.30pm


Chief Technical Officer: Ascensión Gil 
Assistants: Belén Sánchez Laso and Silvia Encinas Franco