International Conference on 'Migration and Asylum: New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe'

21 / 22 - April - 2016
Universidad CEU San Pablo

The CEU San Pablo University and the University Institute for European Studies organize an International Conference on 'Migration and Asylum. New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe'. 

With thousands of refugees at the European doors, the refugee problem has fostered an intense debate regarding what political, legal and social changes are necessary in the European system to provide effective solutions. 

Public opinion is divided on how to react and Member States of the European Union have different views on how to manage immigration and refugee flows. 

The Conference will focus on the European refugee crisis but with a wide and interdisciplinary perspective. 

The objective is to establish a dialogue among different disciplines and approaches from economic, social and legal dimensions to social attitudes, moral values, human rights and different policies to deal with this migration crisis.

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