International Conference ‘State aids, taxation and the energy sector: looking for a better coordination and efficiency’

CEU San Pablo University

This International Conference aims to present the results of a two years research project within the framework of the Jean Monnet Project ETSA-CEEnergy Taxation and State Aid Control: looking for a better coordination and efficiency’. This project has been organized by the University Institute for European Studies at CEU San Pablo University, with the support of the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. Coordination tasks have been carried out by Prof. Dr. Marta Villar

The project aims to contribute to EU priority objectives by proposing alternatives to the traditional legal research on environmental taxes: through the EU State aids control perspective. The Conference will be structured in seven different sessions.

  • Session 1: The energy sector in the EU
  • Session 2: The role of tax incentives in the energy sector under Climate Change challenges
  • Session 3: State aid and key legal concepts: looking for a common understanding
  • Session 4: Principles - The role of the Polluter Pays Principle in energy taxes and of others key legal principles in a State aid context
  • Session 5: Case-law on energy taxes and tax reliefs under EU law
  • Session 6: EU Energy taxation system: A critical analysis in light of competitiveness and environmental protection objectives
  • Session 7: Looking beyond the EU: a comparative analysis and the international framework

Selected papers from this call for papers will be discussed during some of these sessions.  

The conference will take place in Madrid, at University CEU San Pablo (Salón de Grados, c/ Julián Romea 23), on 13th and 14th June 2016. The deadline for submitting papers is 15th April 2016. It is a great opportunity for experts from different countries to join in order to exchange views.