Kick-off meeting

Participants (in alphabetical order):

  • Iñaki Bilbao (CEU Cardenal Herrera)
  • Justo Corti (CEU San Pablo)
  • Cistina García-Herrera (Institute from Fiscal Studies)
  • María José Gómez Serrano (on behalf of Vicente López Ibor)
  • Jerónimo Maíllo (CEU San Pablo)
  • Janet Milne (Vermont University) by Videoconference
  • Pasquale Pistone (IBFD and also representing the Institute from Austrian and International Tax Law) by Videoconference
  • Javier Porras (CEU San Pablo)
  • Marta Villar ( CEU San Pablo – Project coordinator)
  • Pernille Wegener (Aarhus University)

On the agenda:

1) To focus the purpose of this Jean Monnet Project and its relevance.
2) To explain the work program for the next two years to reach the objectives. 
3) To fix the agenda for the seminars. 
4) To fix Working Teams – the role of the principal researchers/Institutions.   
5) Other practical issues.