The globalization of politics and economy, as well as the development of regional integration processes, means that the national perspective is no longer sufficient to understand the reality of the 21st century. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to incorporate into the labour market professionals with a deep knowledge of international issues and of the exciting project of the European Union; an international organization that has never before achieved such a deep level of integration and such a solid and complete institutional system.

Today, the European Union's competences cover a large number of areas and its actions affect the most diverse aspects of our daily and professional lives: freedom of movement, energy, monetary policy, the environment, trade policy or development aid, among many others. The European institutions, bodies and agencies, as well as national, regional and local administrations, and public and private enterprises, need experts in the various policies to ensure the success of their organisation and operation.

The Degree in International Relations and European Union aims to respond to this need by providing students with specific and rigorous training, with a solid academic base and a clear professional projection. The variety of subjects and content, its interdisciplinary nature, the academic excellence of the professors and the wide range of activities offered give this programme a very prominent place in the field of international studies.



The academic offer that we propose to our future students has been built through the experience of many years of pedagogical innovation and adaptation to the constant demands of society. Therefore, our degrees and qualifications respond to a global world and follow the criteria of the new teaching model of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). 

Nearly thirty years ago, after Spain joined the European Communities, the CEU San Pablo University was the first to offer in our country, together with the Degree in Law, a Community Legal Degree that dealt in depth with the European integration process. Since then, the CEU San Pablo University has trained hundreds of students, many of whom are now working in European institutions and other international bodies.

The Degree in International Relations and European Union is based on the long tradition and prestige of the Community Legal Degree. At this crucial time for European integration, the CEU San Pablo University is once again committed to teaching and research in this field. The new Degree will address the European Union from a multidisciplinary perspective, and will do so in its international context, including the study of International Relations, an essential factor for understanding the challenges of the European Union today and in the future.

The CEU San Pablo University also brings together studies in International Relations and the European Union at a postgraduate level through the official programmes offered by the Royal University Institute of European Studies, Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence, chaired by Marcelino Oreja Aguirre. 

The Royal University Institute of European Studies is a research centre specialised in the study and analysis of European integration and international relations, with great prestige at European and international level. Since its establishment in 1999, the Royal Institute has held numerous international seminars, conferences and congresses. It also publishes five book collections and four working paper series. In these years it has developed nearly 40 research projects, with public funding - European Commission, European Parliament, Ministry of Education, Community of Madrid ... - and private, in collaboration with European and international universities such as the Free University of Berlin, Oxford University, University Institute of Florence, Scoula Sant'Anna, Free University of Brussels, Harvard Law School, University of Boston, Fudan University, Renmin University ... 

This research activity earned him the European Excellence Award from the Community of Madrid. It should also be noted that one of its latest research projects in collaboration with Harvard and Boston Universities received the Best Practice award from the European Commission.

Currently, the Royal University Institute of European Studies offers a University Master Degree in International Relations without interruption since 2003, and one in European Union since 2010. Both official programs have the best ratings, standing out in third and fourth place respectively among the best international programs in Spain in the latest ranking of El Mundo (in the case of the Master in European Union the first in Spain of those specialized in European issues). It is worth mentioning the excellent evaluations of the teaching staff carried out annually by its students and the quality of the teaching staff, which has been highlighted in particular by the recent Report of the Madrid+D Foundation on the renewal of accreditation: "High scientific and teaching quality of the teaching staff. Master with a long tradition, with excellent external teaching collaborators. Wide range of internships". 

Bearing in mind that a large number of professors who will teach the Degree are researchers from the Royal University Institute of European Studies, teachers of both postgraduate programs and the Community Law Degree, all this experience is an important capital to start this new project.