Partner, Competition. Baker McKenzie Madrid, S.L.P.          

"For me the best part of the specialty was the friendships I made with some of my colleagues who are now great friends and excellent professionals. The languages, the international experience and the knowledge of European Union law laid a very good foundation for my professional career".



International Relations unit at DG Climate Action, European Commission

"If I could start over and go back to studying a career, I would choose Community Law again. The choice of subjects combined with a year at the Sorbonne University has been crucial in order to understand the functioning of the EU in detail and to have a good basis for working in the Institutions. I started my professional career by doing an internship at the European Parliament at the end of my degree. I had a great advantage over my colleagues due to the deep knowledge of the internal decision-making process that I had acquired, without the need to do an additional specialized Master's degree. In the end, learning languages specialised in the complex Community jargon has been essential for my professional career, both in the European Parliament and in the European Commission".




"The specialized training in European Union law that I received at the CEU has been essential in my professional life. A reality that was attractive at the time, but distant, has ended up being an essential part of the practice of my profession, both when I act before Spanish courts or participate in cases in other countries, and when I intervene in cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union. It has also allowed me to learn about the way in which the legal profession is exercised in other jurisdictions, thus enriching and improving the way I work".



Case Handler. Comisión Europea

"I decided to study Community Legal Law because it was the perfect combination of the subjects I was most interested in and also offered the possibility of continuing to learn different languages. My university experience was fundamental to understanding the European legislative process, its institutions and decision-making mechanisms. The study of European law is also very important for your professional development as a lawyer, whether in private or public practice. In addition, the study of European law opens up a wide range of areas in which to work and also makes people more mobile, especially if they are interested in working in an international environment".




"The specialization in EU law and the practical approach of this program are unique in Spain, internationally recognized and valued by law firms, companies and administrations. Studying the specialization in EU law gave me knowledge and tools, opened the first doors, and also allowed me to discover the vocation for the law and for the European Union". 



Abogado MLAB

"The studies of the specialty in Community Law have been very useful to me throughout my professional career. Thanks to them I have acquired a solid knowledge base on the functioning of the European Union. This speciality allows you to know in great detail the institutional architecture of the Union and the functioning of the different legislative processes and decision-making mechanisms in all its fields of action. The in-depth knowledge of EU policies and law acquired through these studies gives you an element of differentiation from other legal professionals, especially at the beginning of your career". 



Subdirector General de No Proliferación y Desarme. Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación

"The specialization in community law opened the doors of diplomacy to me, and since then it has been useful to me on many occasions throughout my career. I acquired a solid knowledge of the history of the integration project, the day-to-day life in Brussels, the institutions and the dynamics of negotiations. What I learned in five years of intensive training was - the experience afterwards has taught me - a faithful mirror of reality".



Abogado Socio. Responsable del Área de Competencia en Roca Junyent

“Tengo 18 años de experiencia en el área del Derecho Europeo y de la Competencia. Comencé haciendo unas prácticas en el Tribunal de Justicia y, posteriormente, he trabajado en diversos despachos de abogados de primer nivel, tanto españoles como americanos. Sin duda, el CEU ha sido determinante para ello. Aprendí a valorar y apreciar el Derecho de la Unión Europea desde una perspectiva multidisciplinar. No sólo me ofreció una sólida base jurídica, sino que me facilitó una formación en historia, la economía y la política de la integración de la UE que me permitió profundizar mejor en el Derecho de la Unión. Pero, quizás, el mayor regalo que me dio el CEU, aparte de unos compañeros y amigos que duran a día de hoy, es el amor por el Derecho de la Unión. Que me guste lo que hago es lo que más me ha ayudado todos estos años”.



Subdirector de Industria y Energía. CNMC

"Studying the Community legal speciality at the University of São Paulo allowed me to discover and analyse in depth the new legal-political realities that were fully affecting our country as a member state of the European Union. This first level training received, has allowed me throughout my career as a career official in the Spanish Competition Authority, to always take into account the perspective and analysis made of any matter by the European Institutions. I believe that the training given in the speciality of Community Law and International Law at the San Pablo CEU University provides the best tools for future jurists to be able to correctly analyse the meaning and the tremendous impact that European Union law has on the day-to-day life of our citizens".



Promoción 2014

"In September 2010, I started the Degree in Community Law and International Law that I finished in June 2014. Thanks to this degree I have been able to learn in depth about the functioning of the European Institutions and their law. It has also allowed me to be able to work very fluently in several languages. Moreover, I had the opportunity to spend six wonderful months at the Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta in Rome. I carried out my end of degree work on The establishment of real European political parties: key to the definitive democratization and socialization of the European Union, supervised by Dr. Maria Bellido Barrionuevo. All of this has opened the door for me to be able to work in the European Parliament today as an Assistant to the MEP Antonio López-Istúriz White, a former student of the Faculty".



Profesor de la Universidad CEU San Pablo

"This program provides a specialization in European and international law. Subjects are combined with strong language training and mandatory mobility to either a European university or Fordham University (New York). In the latter case, the courses received there can be validated for an official LLM from that university, thus opening the doors to the Bar of New York. On the European side, the program completes the training with visits to European institutions, the European Moot Court Competition, and the seminars and conferences organized by the Institute. In short, in just a few years, it condenses a number of possibilities and experiences that will surely mark our graduates for life".



Abogada. Croacia

"I was an international student at the Law School during the second semester of 2012. As it was the year preceding Croatia's accession to the European Union, the knowledge and skills I gained by taking courses in European studies gave me a significant advantage in starting my career as a young professional working in a law firm. More importantly, studying at the CEU led to real and valuable connections".